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Reasons Why Buying Essential Oils "Just Anywhere" Can Be Problematic #5 Information

Reason #5) Information and Education

We live in an age of information. Information is readily accessible and at your fingertips. And it’s all true, right? It would be nice if it was, but, we know there is just as much misinformation as there is information. When it comes to the practice of Aromatherapy, education is vital to helping and not harming the body. It takes a lengthy education in the field of Aromatherapy to understand that information does not an education make.

Aromatherapy revolves around essential oils. Essential oils are pretty much everywhere you look nowadays; drugstores, chain retailers, grocery stores, even gas stations! It is a rapidly growing industry. It doesn’t take much to make a bottle look good with a promise of bliss in every drop. Marketing for aromatherapy products is a fairly easy task. The name of the industry alone is a magnet to the soul! Doesn’t everyone want to escape to “Zen” while stuck in their “zone”? You’d be hard pressed to find a person who hasn’t heard of aromatherapy or essential oils. So, odds are, any product listed under this subject matter has a good chance of selling without having to say much at all.

This is the era of the “sound-bite”. Generally speaking, people grab a fragment of information on any given topic and form a whole conclusion based on it. What the vast majority of people know about essential oils is a drop in the bucket (a big ol’ 5 gallon bucket) to what information is available on any one oil. Yes, this includes the faithful distributors of MLM essential oil companies. Truly, it is great that these companies accompany their oils with some basic information. Many products sitting on a shelf don’t even have that.

Then there are companies that would drown you in documents in an effort to gain your trust – and money. Most people couldn’t make heads or tails of the documents. In the end, it was just a bunch of ambiguous forms to saying that they promise it’s really good stuff.

When it comes to buying essential oils, keep in mind that most of what is presented to you is information driven by marketing. The manufacturer is not interested in educating you on how to make good choices or good use of their product. They are interested in you buying their product (this is usually the only “pure” and simple part of the deal). Information provided by a company marketing their product should never be the only source. Just like research on buying a car, baby food, or vacation destination, make sure you look at several reputable sources.

Updated January 2023

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