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Reasons Why Buying Essential Oils “Just Anywhere” Can Be Problematic #3 Safety

Reason #3) Safety Information;

What do you know about safety issues concerning individual essential oils? The many benefits are published far and wide. My experience is the safety considerations are not as widely broadcast. The information is available can be confusing or vague. Though the benefits of an oil may generally outnumber the safety concerns, they in no way outweigh the concerns. Such concerns can include initiating an asthma attack, cause severe burns, and even have a direct affect on a pregnancy. What do you know about sensitization due to over-use? What constitutes over-use?

Many consumers are not aware that serious safety concerns exist. After all, essential oils are so wonderful, so healing, so beneficial, right? It would be so nice to be able indulge yourself in a blend and not have to think about details. After all, life is so full of details - and aromatherapy is supposed to be an escape from all of that, right? Can’t we just pick up a bottle of great smelling stuff and not have to think? But, alas…safety first!

Most aromatherapy products sitting on a store shelf don’t offer a lot of information. Many essential oil companies don’t offer up much either. When it come to buying something online, you are lucky if you can physical address or phone number, much less customer service. I’ve looked up some addresses only to see a vacant lot!

Safety must be paramount to all other elements when dealing with essential oils. The very nature of essential oils is that they are concentrates. They are powerful. They are serious business. A responsible, legitimate company should have no problem giving you their testing information. A good company will offer documentation right up front.

One thing I have learned in my years of study is, when it comes to aromatherapy, there is so much new information coming out on a constant basis that it is possible to continue studying the field indefinitely! That being said, I can’t imagine withholding information! I encourage you to compare the information from your source of your oils with third party sources and make sure you get solid advice on what not to do with that precious little bottle! As always, you can send your questions and concerns to and we will do what we can to get you the information you need.

UPDATE! Some sad news was reported this last year. Many consumers were sickened and some deaths were reported as the result of some tainted "aromatherapy room sprays" produced by a national manufacturer and sold in major retail establishments. They were recalled due to the growth of deadly bacteria in the product. More at

Updated January 2023

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