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Gone Viral!

Would you like to know a perfectly simple way to help boost your immune system and fight off airborne germs?

Gone Viral! Lip Balm was designed to help combat viral infections and a whole lot more. Moisturizing, replenishing, healing and protecting are just the beginning of benefits. There is a host of therapeutic properties in this blend that are incredibly supportive to the body.

Let’s start with Lemongrass (ct. Rhodinol), Melissa and Thyme (ct. linalool) which each have a reputation for being healing to both mind and body. All three share attributes like airborne antimicrobial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant, sedative, and immunostimulant as well as reducing anxiety, frustration, feelings of grief and depression. Since they each have these attributes, they are also compounded, and the symmetry is simply amazing!

Orange was added to the mix for its ability for revitalizing energy and boosting the immune system. It contains high amounts of d-Limonene which has a direct and significant effect in lifting mood and reducing negative energy. The scent itself is so uplifting!

Tea Tree had to be included because it is an antimicrobial powerhouse! It is such a great help to combat bacterial, fungal, and viral infections as well as help reduce histamine production and inflammation.

For the base, Coconut oil was chosen because it is high in Lauric Acid, a known anti-viral compound. Cocoa Butter brings intense emollient qualities and even antioxidant properties. Jojoba oil was added since it closely resembles the skin’s sebum and even helps all the benefits of the blend sink deep into the epidermis. It also works as an anti-inflammatory agent due to its content of myristic acid. A known antioxidant, Jojoba oil also helps extend the shelf-life of the blend.

100% organic and all packed into this one little tube!


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