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Focusing on Brain Health

You are likely familiar with the Lymphatic system, but how about the Glymphatic system?

It is a little ironic, isn't it...dealing with information overload while trying to undo stress on the brain?

As aromatherapy blossoms in the limelight of proven holistic health methods, it is always great to get confirmation from a growing circle of experts. While searching viable research on aromatherapy and neurologic health I stumbled on this video interview between Dr. Peter Osborne and Jodi Cohen. Listen a few times because it is packed with solid information including draining the Glymphatic system!

Remember to check out some of our blogs on single essential oils like Rosemary Verbenone or Ravintsara to see more info on brain benefits. And check out Gluten Free Society for a host of excellent info whether or not you live GF.


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