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Are you ready...

- for organic plant based aromatherapy products

- to shop for clean, natural wellness support and selfcare products

 - to assess your work and home environment needs

- for one-on-one service with a Certified Aromatherapist

- to have confidence in your choices

- for a custom blend

- host an event just for fun

Here, there, or anywhere...
Make sure you've got "Just the TicKit!"

Promo Shot Blu Bkgnd.jpg

Used with or without a mask, "Just the TicKit" offers natural & healthy

organic aromatherapy products for immune support

wherever you go, however you go, in a TSA-approved kit!


The seven piece kit comes with our signature blend Sani-T, Hydrosolve, Allay,

Air Defense, Gone Viral, and a washable mask - all in convenient travel sizes

and a clear zippered bag. 

Get Some Sanity in Your Life!

Sanity Ambient Logo Store.png

When it comes to sanitizing, there is nothing like Sani-T with Lemongrass! A natural alternative to harsh sanitizers and air fresheners, its immune-boosting properties help add some sanity anywhere you are!


It's safe enough to spray on children's hands, surfaces in your home, car, or in the air. Four convenient sizes make it easy to bring a little Sani-T with you wherever you go.

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