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Why work with an Aromatherapist?   

   In a word, confidence.


   Other thoughts to consider are safety, education, experience, and discernment. How else do you wade through the oceans of information on ingredients, methods, safety, and endless "pure" and "therapeutic grade" sources? Where can you easily find dependable products for your home, yourself, and your family? One sure way is to use a trained aromatherapist; someone that has the education, resources, and experience to decipher and discriminate between truth and fiction.

   "Behind the scenes of aromatherapy is an astounding amount of chemistry, physiology, and research." - Cathy Hawkins, Ambient Essentials Lead Aromatherapist and Natural Home Consultant.

   Did you know?

  • there is no industry standard for "pure" or "therapeutic"?

  • these terms are found on nearly every bottle of essential oils on the market today?

  • each essential oil has a limited shelf life that varies from oil to oil?

  • products labeled "pure" and "therapeutic" grade are often adulterated?

   The good news is you don't have to fall victim to marketing gimmicks when you work with someone who knows better.  Our purpose is to put the amazing benefits of essential oils into your hands so you can "treat yourself";

  • with organic and vegan ingredients (no GMOs here!)

  • with custom blends (one size does not fit all)

  • with artisan crafted blends 

What Can an Aromatherapist Do for Me?   

    In a word, discern.


    Haven't you gotten a little tired of searching through endless pages of information and counter-information? There are hundreds of essential oils, hydrosols, and carriers, thousands of terms, millions of companies. Yet, all you want is one simple, effective, enjoyable formula.


    Have you noticed your preferences differ from others'? Have you found it time-consuming, costly, and just plain frustrating trying one formula after another? Maybe something worked for your friend, but you just cannot abide it!


    Aromatherapists go through a lengthy, rigorous education which gives us insights we can use to help you. We listen to what you need, select what you want, and combine what you like to craft a formula you will love.


    In short, you don't have to do hours of research, track down responsible sources, buy all the ingredients, tools, and supplies just to turn around and formulate the correct dosage, method, and application. A wise person once said, "You may have the ability to do anything and many things. But what will you be able to master?"

    We have the experience to help you. We have the desire to help you. The question is could you use some help?


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Services We Offer  


Ambient Essentials offers all of the professionalism and skills of a trained aromatherapist directly to you!

Each custom session below starts with a Questionnaire that is emailed to you. 

Altering Blends

We're happy to personalize any of our blends for you by replacing, omitting, or adding ingredient of a signature blend plus cost of added ingredients.


Custom Blending

Let us create a specific aromatherapy blend that works for your
unique situation.

$25.00 + cost of ingredients

Private Consultation

A private consultation may help determine possible solutions for your needs. Reach out to schedule a meeting either by phone, Zoom or in person. 

$40.00 + $1.00 per each additional minute

Family Consultation (3 to 4 Members)

During our time with your family, I'll be able to assess the needs of individuals, even your pets! Aromatherapy can help with many concerns around your home.

$100.00 (up to 4 people)

$15.00 per each additional person

Healthy Home Evaluation

Natural oils and aromatherapy products can provide cleaning and sanitizing solutions that affect both your people and your pets! During a Healthy Home Evaluation, we'll note areas of your living spaces that can benefit from Ambient Essential oils.

$125.00 (home visit)

Healthy Workspace Evaluation

Ambient Essentials products can clean, sanitize and help make your workspace more peaceful and productive - your "home away from home". During your Healthy Workspace Evaluation, we'll note health, environmental and stress factors to create a well-rounded suite of products for you.

$100.00 (1 hour)

$75.00 per each additional hour 

$1 per mile over 30 miles


"Behind the scenes of aromatherapy is an astounding amount of chemistry, physiology, and research."


- Cathy Hawkins,

Ambient Essentials Aromatherapist and

Natural Home Consultant.