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A Special Ambient Essentials Discount for

Flu Season has arrived! To help combat the germs

and bacteria being spread in your home, in the air and on your person, Ambient Essentials is proud to give a Buy One Get One discount* to my ABWA sisters!

*Offer expires 3/31/20.

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2 oz. Spray Bottle:  $4.00

Sani-T can be used on hands, surfaces, and in the air to help reduce pathogens and boost immune system.  This special herbal blend helps you beat the odds with non-toxic antibacterial
properties and germicidal properties that are beneficial to your body.


5 m Bottle:  $15.00

Gaurdian can be used as a  diffusing oil to help reduce air borne pathogens and bacteria. The Gaurdian blend is also great for green cleaning, sick room purification and smells fantastic.  This blend is also non-toxic with antibacterial
and germicidal properties.

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