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About  Cathy

"Behind the scenes of aromatherapy is an astounding amount of chemistry, physiology, and research." 

   Cathy's roots in aromatherapy go back more than 20 years to a bottle of Lavender oil from France. "I had never smelled anything like it. It actually took a little while to get used to the smell of the pure, unadulterated oil. That was the beginning of my journey with essential oils." She then began researching, blending, and creating formulas that form some of today's core product line.  

   In fact, her first blend was to address several issues with her feet that made it nearly impossible to walk at times; hard to imagine for a mother of  three young boys! The scent of the blend was magnificent and quickly became a favorite with coworkers. As the story goes, they would stop by her office just to smell her feet!   

It wasn't long until she began receiving requests from others to buy some for themselves. This blend became known as Ped-ah-Cure. 

   Soon, family and friends to begin asking for her help with their own issues. This was a realization of her natural desire to help people be healthier with natural products.

  Sani-T was designed for cleaning and disinfecting while helping to boost the immune system. "So many products out there are simply an assault on the respiratory system! I had to find something that would not trigger my son's asthma." Due to its many benefits, it was an instant favorite for the school cafeteria tables. Its versatility makes it one of our best-sellers!

  Her devotion to aromatherapy continued to grow and became the focus of her efforts. Eventually, she saw that the need for formal training was crucial. She studied to be a certified Aromatherapist with the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and the Alliance of International Alliance of Aromatherapists. "Before enrolling in the accreditation programs, I could never have imagined how much I had to learn! Behind the scenes of aromatherapy is an astounding amount of chemistry, physiology, and research. I am so very grateful for the education I was able to receive. In fact, I learn more everyday. It is always especially amazing to hear the testimonials of clients who benefit from that education."

   Cathy continues to study what she has deemed "the science of nature" to be able to share with you - so you can "treat yourself".

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