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Pure Bentonite Clay

Pure Bentonite Clay

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   Clays help to draw out excess oils, irritants, and balance the skin's Ph levels. Clay poultices are excellent for helping draw blood to the surface of the skin; thus, stimulating circulation and detoxifying while drawing nutrients and oxygen the epidermis. This results in a softer, smoother, youthful appearance.

   Bentonite clay is derived from volcanic ash and, when mixed with water, actually develops trace "electrical" properties. This lends to a "tingly" sensation on the skin. 

    It is a somewhat mild clay, supportive for all skin types. Bentonite is known to help draw out toxins and excess oils from the skin such as poison ivy and is even an ingredient in many versions of Calamine lotion which makes it a perfect for First Aid kits. It also helps to balance the skin's Ph levels.