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A Special Ambient Essentials Discount for


Tis the Season!
(for traveling and running around)
We've got Just the TicKit for you!

Ambient Essentials is proud to give a
20%* discount to ABWA members!

Use Coupon Code "Gift ABWA"
*Offer expires 12/31/2021

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Just the TicKit contains:

- Sani-T 2 oz. travel size cleansing spray is versatile, energizing and uplifting. Supportive for your immune system. Great for cleaning hands, surfaces, or simply as an air freshener. 

- Gone Viral! immune supporting lip balm is packed with beneficial properties of natural, chemical-free ingredients. 

- HydroSolve 2 oz. amazing hydrating spray for soothing the skin, frazzled nerves, sunburn, windburn, and more. Perfect size for travel. 

- Air Defense 5 ml. purifying and diffusing blend. A versatile and strategic support against airborne invaders!

- Allay 2 oz. soothing body balm. If walking, riding, standing, or shopping has taken a toll on you, here is just the lift you need in the perfect travel size.

- Washable mask

- Water resistant TSA approved travel kit bag

- $60 when priced individually!